AQUA AMBIENT, Over 55 years of Experience

Aqua Ambient Ibérica belongs to a group of companies with more than 55 years of experience in the field of Treatment, Water Purification and Control. We work every day to respect the environment solving any kind of challenge in Wastewater Treatment.

World leader

Offices in Madrid and Barcelona to help provide the best solutions globally.

SOLUTIONS - Design, Development and Implementation

A leader in innovation

Our R & D innovation dynamics of the company in order to support and anticipate technical changes to the treatment equipment.

Objectives Market

Mainly: Service Stations, airports, housing developments, hotels, Distribution Housing, Shopping Centers, Restaurants, Carwashes, scrap yards, Refineries, Factories, Roads, Centers

Main products
Work areas
Videos of Aqua-Ambient

Grease separator Aqua Ambient – AquaGrease – How it works

Oil separator ADHD

Hydrocarbon separators – Water Purification hydrocarburated

Fat separator Aqua Ambient – AquaGREASE BIO for restaurants, cafeterias, hotels, etc.

Our technical work


Análisis de los datos
a nivel del proyecto


Búsqueda de las mejores soluciones
Técnicas y Económicas


Seguimiento y Control en cada etapa
de la producción y montaje


Control del buen
funcionamiento general

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